31 juillet, 2005

Est ce que quelqu'un peut me dire pourquoi il y a cette énorme espace vide là au dessus ?????? et comment réparer?

Is there anybody to explain me why there is a big empty place at the begenning of this blog??? and how to repair it??

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Unknown a dit…

i think a templete error...?


here you find other templetes
..klick use this templete..

You must republish your blog to see the changes.


pita ou franck a dit…

thank Gery but i don't find the same green in other templates and i don't know why but like it. and i 'm affraid to make big mistake if i touch HTLM , i looking for help on blogger but i don't understand nothing , i'm a little stupid! it doesn't matter i keep my empty space.

Kalle Kanin a dit…

The Incredible Hulk had the same problem on his blog, which I believe uses the same template. He was able to fix it. Maybe you can find a clue there? http://incrediblehulk.blogspot.com/

mrdantefontana a dit…

Try this:
1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Click the "Change Settings" icon next to your blog
3. Click "Formatting" under the Settings tab
4. Choose "No" on "Enable float alignment"

Maybe, just maybe, that'd do the trick.

If it doesn't work just change settings back again.

pita ou franck a dit…

thanks all ,i try "mrdantefontana" solution and has you can see no more empy space but my picture are in crazy position every where, so what you prefere? (i wait and see if it's be better on the futur posts)

mrdantefontana a dit…

pita: Oh my! Maybe my suggestion wasn't that good after all. But, as you say, you could wait and post some entrys and see what they look like.
It is quite easy to change it back anyway.

pita ou franck a dit…

no,no very good! i find how put in order my pictures( just put some texte under the photos)it seem good now! i 'm very happy and thank you again.

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