28 septembre, 2005

"Les aventures de Martin le Malin" ,un site très complet ou l'on peut lire de nombreuses aventures de ce personnage inconnu en France né au Pays Bas(Pinkie Pienter) et exporté au Canada, en Allemagne etc.... mais pas en France par peur semble-t-il des procès pour plagiat (nombreux emprunts à Hergè) via Paperet

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me a dit…

Ah Pinkie Pienter! So nice!!! Childhood memories! My grandma used to read them to me and my younger brother and while reading point to the pictures. I was lucky to find a couple years later (they are quit rare) and still treasure them!

pita ou franck a dit…

happy remind you child time(no new edition? i'm sure a big succes if they publish again), as i say (in french)whe never read it in France (some problem with Hergè copy )it was for the canada exportation and other country so i was very happy to find and read it, it's a very fun series .

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