16 octobre, 2005


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mrdantefontana a dit…

Very nice!

pita ou franck a dit…

i like read it to ,there is more of 150 books of the famous "commissaire San Antonio " they was writing by Frédérique Darc, i don't know if he is translate ,it 's write whis a rich language many slang and joke and you laughing a lot when you read "sana" aventure and don't realy care about the suspens .

Annukka a dit…

I just had to create a profile for myself as a blogger (even if I'm not one) just so that i could send you a comment :-)
So here goes:
Your blog is one of the best, great subjects and extra great graphics! thanks, i hope you will be posting just about forever :-)

pita ou franck a dit…

thanks Kerppu, but it's to much ,i just post what i like some personnal paper and some find on web that's all, and post for ever .... just long as enjoy to do it (and of course so sweet message encourage to continue)
thanks again

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