26 avril, 2006

Un site allemand avec plein de constructions en papier , des maisons, un cirque des pantins, les pyramides, des voitures des trains etc... via le fabuleux blog " Paper forest" ( mise à jour :malheureusement les maquettes ne sont plus accessibles le site a buggé, ! ) Hurrah!! elles sont de retour!

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Annukka a dit…

Nice! My sisters kids are 5 and 8 years and very into paperfolding...I'm just having a hard time finding suitable things for them to work with. These were perfect; not too easy and not too hard.

pita ou franck a dit…

I don't know if you remenber that french site for kid it's full of very nice things to do:


Annukka a dit…

I didn't know that one, thanks, nice stuff!

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