28 juin, 2006

"Géographie" cours élémentaire 1956 (illustrations R. Bresson)

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Michael_Benson a dit…

Greetings from Boston, and congratulations on your superb image blog!

I stumbled on the images in this post today:

I immediately wrote Anne Verdillion, who runs that blog, because this material is perfect for a book I am working on right now,which will illustrate the history of non-photographic visual depictions of the universe throughout history. (More then 1000 years.)

She wrote back and told me it was on your blog, but I can't find the two most interestiong images there. (The ones with multiple pictures within a frame.)

I am very curious where this material is from, and if higher resolution scans may exist? I would be very happy if you would write me back.

My address is: kinetikonpictures@yahoo.com

Kind regards,
Michael Benson

pita ou franck a dit…

Here you can find some more plates :
and here:


clic on pics for maximum size (I could try to see if i find again my original scan )

I've also put some on flickr but not the multiple pictures pages...



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