19 juillet, 2006

"Festival" + 3

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Annukka a dit…

Hey. Cool photonovels! It doesn't even matter that I don't understand french! I'd be happy to see more if you find any?

pita ou franck a dit…

Hello Kerppu
they are more inside the magasine but in black & white the color are just for the back ot the mag. if you like black & white too , i'll scan more soon.

Annukka a dit…

Black and white is great too! It's very nice of you to post them, thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello, mi name is Fátima Ordóñez. I would like to buy photo novels in Spanish, English or French. Please, could you tell me how to find romantic photo novels? Thank you.

Fátima Ordóñez
Guayaquil - Ecuador

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