31 juillet, 2006


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lotusgreen a dit…

i love these little illustrations you have been posting. they are so charming.

i also have a grey cat, a chartreux. only with green eyes:


pita ou franck a dit…

thank you
my poor grey cat is die last summer,she was so sweet I miss her ( green eyes to photos at the beginning of this blog)now i have 2 cats the big tiger and a very young 3 colors grey ,orange and white.

lotusgreen a dit…

je suis hereux que vous avez des deux chats nouveaux. je comprends beaucoup cette malhereux, mais j'ai trouver que j'aime equalment ma chat nouveau (le chartreux) que l'autre.

s'il vous plait, mon francais est terrible.

pita ou franck a dit…

OOOh your french is certainly better than my poor english!and I love the "chartreux" so beautiful ,sweet and calm cats and very good hunter to

lotusgreen a dit…

merci! ;^)


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