12 août, 2006

"Leçons de Choses" 1964 -cours élémentaire - eds Delagrave

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Annukka a dit…

Damn! Everytime I think you can't come up with anything better, you pull out something like this! The teeth-thingy is great, gonna hang it in my bathroom :-)

pita ou franck a dit…

I have other page from school books to scan and post about teeth and human body but this one is more fun and i m happy if you like it (if you need a more big picture tell me )

Annukka a dit…

If it isn't too much trouble, a little bigger picture would be nice!
This one prints to about 10x13 cm at 200dpi, and I'd love one that would print to about 20 cm in height.
Thank you so much if you have time to do this!

pita ou franck a dit…

I put a more big on "Grenouille plus" (but why only 10x13 with this one it's a A4 when you clic on)You know what? I lost the book, the mother of my husband take it this morning and go in holliday with it ,GGGGRRRRRRR!!!!

Annukka a dit…

Pita wrote: "(but why only 10x13 with this one it's a A4 when you clic on)"

If I've understood correctly, the print size depends on the resolution: the more pixels there are, the bigger/and with better resolution (dpi) you can print it.
If i print the teeth-picture at 100dpi, it sizes up to about an A4. But if i want to print it with a better resolution, like 200 dpi, the pixels are good only to that 10x13 size. And if i wanted to take it to print shop where they need a resolution like 300 dpi, it would print smaller.

But, Thanks for scanning me an even bigger file!! Gonna go and grab it right now! :-)

charley a dit…

Wow, thanks, wonderful!

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