30 mars, 2007


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Anonyme a dit…

Super, we are just starting our astronomy club at school! Thanks a bunch,

pita ou franck a dit…

thanks Celina , I have to scan soon some more about the moon and other about solar system .

Tingzin a dit…

Dear Pita,

Two days ago I came across those very same images. They come from a swiss chocolate images collection - called "Wonders of the world" ... I do have all 3 books ... if you like - I will scan some for you.

I love your great collections.

Take care

pita ou franck a dit…

Hello Karl,
Yes it's the same album (Chocolat Neslé, Peter Cailler, Kolher)Here the first book , album n°1 "Les merveilles du monde" ,I've also the n° 2 but not the n°3 and yes I'll be very happy if you scan some pictures from the last one.
Have a good sunday

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