21 mai, 2007


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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Pat, I,m Fustavon. Sorry, but I can,t change my post but I has put a link about your photos. ok?

I really like your vintage, cats, light, carrousel...photos. I,m study photography also, and I have a lot of cats.
Ofthen I put some of my photos. But I don´t want atribuite me your talent, this is not my intention. My site is only for write about my life, and my friends write me there. I dont have a portfolio in the web even.
Sorry a lot,if I could have made you feel offended.

pita ou franck a dit…

Hello Fustavon ,no problem ,I'm not offended not at all, you are very, very sweet to write to me about this photo and I'm happy if you like it ( and don't put a link if it's not possible , that's not important , i was just suprise to recognize one of my photo....)

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