30 août, 2007

aig geyseraig grotte
aig icebergaig volcan
aig eclipseaig halos
aig aurore borealeaig etoiles filantes
Album des chocolats "Aiguebelle" (1959) la promenade enchantée

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peacay a dit…

Chocolat d'Aiguebelle: I was looking through these yesterday. Beautiful. {big page}

pita ou franck a dit…

Oh yes I love this page ( I was put a link for all the chromos circa 1500 and more to come )the chromos from 1900-1919 was so beautifull but not easy to find to much collector...
thanks Peacay

peacay a dit…

Oh wow - that's BIG.

More chromos (900) at Bryn Mawr Tryptich - ('advertising cards')

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