08 décembre, 2008

1 dessin anime 14 juillet

dessin surpap campagne eglise campagne eglise b
devine plus 4 vazivoirdevinettes devine canardchat
rallye alphabet zoocolor au zoo
africadevinettes loup devinette
découpages & devinettes (1948)

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Joseph a dit…

Your blog is amazing: the book images, decoupages, photos, etc., etc., etc.

It would be nice if you could write
a little about your scanning or photo techniques, esp. books.

Vous pouvez l'écrire en français.



pita ou franck a dit…

Thanks Joseph ,
about scanning nothing special just a more big resolution many time 250 or 300 , and much more if it's a small picture , that's all , for the books the same ,you just need a lot of time! and for the big formats I merge them by means of a software.

(For the scanner I have two of it, an old one who is very well (a HP with lamp) and a more recent one very bad ( scanner with diodes and printer "Epson", one truth shit!)


Pablo Rasgado a dit…

Hi Pita ou Franck

¿do you happen to know the name of the name of the magazine and author of the butterfly design? the one that says DESSIN SURPRISE? That is beautiful!



pita ou franck a dit…

the magazine is "Le journal de Bébé" (1948),on the butterfly page we see a name "Raydou"(never see this name before..)

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