30 décembre, 2008

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2cvlesieur fondblanc2cv

un petit découpage publicitaire avec une 2cv

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Maria a dit…

how lovely :)

peacay a dit…

--2cv-- ??
Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça que c'est..??

(Happy New Year Pita & .. nice hands!)

pita ou franck a dit…

Hello Maria and Paul hope your Christmas was very happy and good year for 2009!

"2cv" it's for "2 chevaux" the famous little french car also call "2 pattes" or "deudeuch"if you want build more paper 2cv go here

Anonyme a dit…

I love those trucks, I wish I could find one here in the States.

Also may I say you have beautiful hands.

Happy New Year

Gill in Michigan

claudio a dit…

I invite you to visit my blog. you can find my last works of art at:


yours Claudio Tomassini

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