14 mars, 2009

papillons tem  recto papillons tem  verso

pap vol 2 pap vol 1 pap vol 3
Planche recto-verso de papillons volants T.E.M. (pas de date, probable 1935-45)

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sparkx a dit…

these are excellent, but I can't understand french, so I'm unsure what the instructions are all about. I'm sure I'll figure it out, they're beautiful, thanks for sharing
lynbo x

pita ou franck a dit…

that's just folding instructions to build "the flying butterflies" ,it's suppose to fly like real butterfly, but i test it and well ,well ...it doesn't work really well, maybe i've use a paper too much heavy.

meggiecat a dit…

These are lovely! Thanks so much.

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