18 janvier, 2010

ptitjournal 14mars97 ptitjournal 14mars97 in ptitjournal 14mars97 dos
ptitjournal 21mars97 ptitjournal 21mars97 in ptitjournal 21mars97 dos
ptitjournal 4 avril97 ptitjournal 4 avril97 in ptitjournal 4 avril97 dos
"le petit journal" (1897)

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HoosierBoy a dit…

This is just a little note to tell everybody associated with Agence Eureka how much I enjoy and appreciate the website.
The material is always interesting, and sometimes extremely fascinating, as well as being educational. I am perhaps a little biased, as I love all things French, but Agence Eureka is a regular stop in my daily internet journey. I have especially enjoyed the wonderful lithographic news pictures from Le Petit Journal. And your Archives section is a wealth of both useful and useless information and just plain fun.

Thanks to everybody. You are all wonderful.

pita ou franck a dit…

Thanks so much for your fantastic message that's giving me courage to scan again and again ,and you'll be happy because I have yet a lot of "Petit Journal" for scan (it's just a little bit long because it need 3 scan by page... just a A4 scanner , and i'm the boss and the only staff of the agence ;-)

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