20 mai, 2010

feminapub 34 feminapub 11 feminapub 25 feminapub 23
feminapub 17 feminapub 16 feminapub 2 feminapub 1
feminapub 19 feminapub 3 feminapub 9 feminapub 7 feminapub 32 feminapub 4
feminapub 10
feminapub 30 feminapub 5 feminapub 20 feminapub 22 feminapub 13 feminapub 14
Pub. magazine Femina (1904-11)

4 commentaires:

Malcolm a dit…


C'est merveilleux!
Merci beaucoup, d'un admirateur d'anglais au Canada

twoassociatesblog a dit…

The Parfum Carnia banner is a work of art, excellent collection of ephemera. Really enjoy your posts.

Anonyme a dit…

Your blog is amazing! My kids and I love you! Thank you for all the things you post here and for all the amazing sunday mornings I pass making découpage with my childrens!
All the best for you! Always!

pita ou franck a dit…

thanks all, you make my day happy with yours great comments, thanks!

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