12 octobre, 2010

caract f53 caract f54 caract f50 caract f51
caract f52 caract f40 caract f41 caract f43
caract f44 caract f45 caract f46
caract f48 caract f38 caract f39 caract f30
caract f32 caract f33 caract f34 caract f35
caract f36 caract f37 caract f55 caract f49
caract f47 caract f42 caract f31 pagarde 1
"Lecture pratique du caractère" (1907)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, wow, a second set of heads! Thank you! I love these!

Will a dit…

I love this series, and it solves the mystery of the cover artist for a book in my collection.

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