13 décembre, 2010

M'dame Irma and co (enfin c'est plutot des trucs d'évangelistes ) ......plus d'images sur le blog

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Thombeau a dit…

Bonjour, Patricia! Your blogs are all amazing, I've been enjoying them for years. In fact, this week I'm featuring Agence Eureka on my blog, Chateau Thombeau, with a banner on the right sidebar. Just wanted you to know!

Thank you for the wonderful imagery. You're fabulous!

pita ou franck a dit…

OOhh!! thanks a lot, I'm proud to have a banner on the great "Chateau Thombeau" visit everyday (with RSS) for all fantastic pictures;

male a dit…

Malcolm here from Downunder (Australia)
Jim just posted this:
which you will be interested in.
Merry Xmas (almost)!
mal E

pita ou franck a dit…

but Male .....it's just the link of my post ;-D patricia
Joyeux Noel

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