02 avril, 2011

castocirque p0 castocirque p1 castocirque p1verso
castocirque p2 castocirque p2verso castocirque p3
castocirque p3verso castocirque p4 castocirque p4verso
castocirque p5 castocirque p5verso castocirque p6
castocirque p6verso castocirque p7 castocirque p7verso
castocirque p8 castocirque p8verso circus plan
"Cirque animé" découpage (1938 mais malheureusement ici un reprint)

2 commentaires:

Flo Minowa a dit…

I've been following your blog for a few months now and I absolutely loooove every post! Thank you for sharing! And this one is another great one, too! I want to print them and cut them out! c:

Anonyme a dit…

Love this circus!
Thanks a lot

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