23 mars, 2012

la tour eiffel
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Grandes constructions d'Epinal  "La tour Eiffel"

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Anonyme a dit…

Once again you get the award for "Most Interesting Downloads" anywhere on the Net!!! Thank you a thousand times for your generosity in sharing and even breaking the pieces down to make them easier to print.
I am just wondering how long it is going to take me to cut out all those little triangles? I made the Alan Rose version back in the 1980's and just about went crazy cutting the triangles out then. LOL. guess it will be my summer project for a time.
Here is a great web site to check out as well
www.castleintheair.biz/shoppe/?b=10&k=10& c=399
I've ordered several and the quality is excellent! Enjoy
Thanks again

Ende Runtuus a dit…

Un grand poste à nouveau mon ami! Merci beaucoup!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much for sharing the old paper models. I have been waiting for years to see some of these and you have provided many.

Thank you for your kindness. --JD

Sim a dit…

Magnifique!! En format original... Une merveille! Merci merci!!!

Max a dit…

Fantastic! Cant wait to have a ho and and theis to my collection of eiffel towers x

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